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Eating and Exploring our Way Through Jeonju

After writing about all of the modern innovations in Seoul that make life comfortable, this post will take you back in time to a town that is a UNESCO historic site, Jeonju. Nestled between a river and mountains, Jeonju was the birthplace of the Korean dynasty. A few of the buildings date to the 1300s, but most were built in the 1920s. They are one level, have clay roofs and belonged with wealthy people… the low-income people were still living in thatched roof homes at that time.

Jeonju is also famous for its culinary life. Located on a rare fertile plot of land, the area has more local produce that most parts of the country. It proudly claims to be the birthplace of bibimbap, a delicious Korean dish of rice and vegetables. It is also famous for makeolli, a rice wine that tastes nothing like saki (and led to a wicked headache).

Jeonju is also known for hanji, a beautiful and versatile paper made from the bark of mulberry trees. It was used for everything from window coverings to shoes. Today, local artists use it to make both two dimensional and three-dimensional art.

Enjoy this video tour!

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